Web Development, Grafics and Webdesign

Thanks to a team of designers and programmers, we build web sites for every need and every budget, focusing on systems based on Web 2.0 html, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and Flash. We also create sites in WordPress, Joomla and custom CMS sites through which customers can maintain and update your site on their own.

Internet Marketing

googleAn effective web marketing strategy is the key to the success of any site. Relying on our promotional services, consulting and optimization allows you to give your url the exposure it deserves, rapidly increasing the number of visitors who are truly interested in the contents of the website. The part related to web marketing is entrusted to the ADVENTIX company, our partners.

ADVENTIX specializes in providing innovative internet marketing services. ADVENTIX focuses its attention and efforts on building a reputation of excellence in every area that has a web presence. For us, respect is earned through leadership, and an ongoing commitment to service, quality and delivery of results.

  • Grafics & Webdesign
  • Html + CSS + Javascript
  • Joomla / Wordpress / CMS
  • Hosting and Email
  • Web Marketing & Google Marketing

Websites - Our Clients

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flash
  • Cross-Browser
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla

Website creation

Come visit us or ask for a quote. We know how to meet your needs!

Projects e Web-Based Applications

We don't create only traditional websites but we also build web-based apps.
Here's a list of our latest creations ...


Suitable for all printing centers, ePlot is a service for the order and payment of prints from home.

Feature online registration, uploading and credit or in-store payment method, customers can upload files and specify all the printing requirements from the comfort of their home. The store will then see a list of orders and print them. The customer is thus able to plan in advance his prints and avoid the queue in the store. The system is already in use in CLICCAQUI and it's having a great success.

Our version of E-PLOT is viewable at www.eplot.org - Obviously, every version of E-PLOT can be graphically adapted to customer needs. If you are interested in purchasing this service, send us an email!

  • Order prints online
  • Credit management
  • Prices Management
  • Statement

Projects e Web-Based Applications [2]

We don't create only traditional websites but we also build web-based apps.
Here's a list of our latest creations ...

Online Reporting System for Medical Labs

An online reporting system for clinical analysis laboratories! Your customers can download the reports through your website and facilitate your staff, storing all the necessary information and shortening the time!

How it works:

After the analysis, your client will be provided with a password. After completing the report, your staff will scan the paper and upload it to an online database. At that point, your client will be notified via email that will notify him that the report can be downloaded, he will then be directed to your website and entering your social security number and password provided, he can easily log on and download from home their report, without having to go back to the laboratory.

If you already have a website, this system will be easily integrated. If you do not have one, we will design one for your needs.

  • Password-Protected System
  • PDF Reports
  • Privacy
  • Easy to update and consult

Projects e Web-Based Applications [3]

We don't create only traditional websites but we also build web-based apps.
Here's a list of our latest creations ...


We create sites for your wedding, including you online wedding list! Create a site with all the details of the wedding (venue, times etc ...), a reservation system and a list of gifts. You can configure a "wish list" and you can book your gift and send a congratulatory message.

The online wedding list is a useful application for the organization of your wedding and is also an innovative, effective and original way to give a touch of technology to your most important day.



  • Wedding details
  • Wedding Box
  • Messaging


Photocopying, binding, fax service, scanning, printing digital photos, selling CD / DVD burning, scanning and writing documents, sending email, audio and video editing.

Internet Point

The only internet point near Piazzale Flaminio. 15 computers used for Internet browsing, Skype, printing documents in color or black and white on A3 or A4. You can also import or export files on your USB device with no extra costs.

PC Assistance

We solve any PC related problems.


CLICCAQUI is also a retailer of computer equipment. You can contact our store to find out which products are available at the time, or if you're looking for a very specific product, please tell us exactly what you are looking for and you will be satisfied within days!

Networks and Intranets

Thanks to our engineers and systems analysts, we build networks and computer systems for all needs (offices, business, shops ...). We install wireless router, designing tailor-made technical assistance contracts.

Lessons and courses

We offer courses to both individual and groups. Thanks to the many teachers who work with our center we can offer a wide range of courses tailored to your needs.

Print Service

We do black and white or color prints in all formats from any software and file. We also print on canvas and adhesive paper.

A3 and A4 formats are laser printed, for larger formats we have two inkjet plotter machines. You can find the prices here.

Avoid long queues! Order your prints ONLINE!

We created a web-based software to let you avoid long queues in our shop. Send your files and pay for your prints online. To know more about this service, visit WWW.EPLOT.ORG